The Power of Art

with Youth Leadership Curriculum 

Youth Leadership

The Power of Art by Lynne Barletta for Youth Groups

The Power of Art is a pioneering curriculum utilizing positive images combined with life skills for youth through drawing and focused attention. Fine art drawing with value, shading, composition, design, and perspective are taught during the course with creative team building and leadership. Intentional training for the future vision that includes pursuing higher education is woven into objectives and outcomes. Protection from predators is included in an age-appropriate manner. Overcoming obstacles, diversity, positivity, vision, and many aspects of youth leadership are covered.

The Power of Art for Elementary School Grades 3-5

CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs endorses The Power of Art Curriculum

Middle & High School

Each Power of Art Class is taught through a video with

a step-by-step demonstration that is easy and fun to follow. Instructors and volunteers provide support, help, encouragement, and supplies.


The Power of Art online elementary courses are currently offered by semester subscription from Level 1 through Level 9. Students advance level by level, but students can also begin mid-way through the course with their class and still receive basic skills at any point.


Each class is viewed online separately with videos, outlines, and downloads. Instructor tips are also included. (Instructors do not have to be artists.)

Videos are designed for one-hour or slightly less class time. Lessons can be extended through pausing for large classes. Students are taught to draw with the right side of the brain with continued exploration of fine art using various mediums. Students draw and paint
animals, scenery, abstracts, faces, and cartooning, while learning composition, design and value.

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Train the Trainer

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The author of the Power of Art Curriculum is Lynne Barletta, Founder of the Visionary School of Arts.

Lynne has been writing a curriculum for after-school programs for 30 years and she has successfully piloted the Power of Art for children at Martin County High School, Martin County Boys and Girls Clubs, Banner Lake, Hobe Sound and in the Juvenile Justice system of South Florida with trafficked children. Lynne is also the founder of Catch the Wave of Hope to fight child sex trafficking. Her art-based awareness video for sex trafficking and predators was accepted and used in all middle and high schools in Martin County beginning in 2020.

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